• Rachel Patel

12 days of gift giveaways to conclude 2020

As we wrap up what was a whirlwind of a year, Stay Beautiful is partnering with a handful of brands to put together a 12-day giveaway! Leaving this tumultuous year behind us, we’ll be working with brands like TGIN and Milk Makeup to bring you 12 present-filled days of the holiday. Keep reading below to learn which products you could receive and how to use them!

Our first brand partnership on the list is with probiotic skincare brand, TULA. They’re offering their cult classic purifying face cleanser, hydrating day and night cream and protect + glow daily sunscreen. The refreshing gel-based face cleanser removes dirt and makeup without stripping your skin, and combined with the lightweight nourishing cream and sunscreen, your face will look refreshed and revitalized. Utilizing these powerful, natural ingredients that help balance your skin, these products are sure to leave you feeling fresh and dewy!

Ornami Skincare is another company included in this giveaway, offering their Ornami Self-love Vibe bundle! This package includes their No Scrubs EX-foliator sugar scrub, Let that Mango Body Butter and Glo-Getta Body Glow Oil. To top it off, the natural ingredient, Boston-based brand is offering their limited edition “Thrilla in Vanilla” scented candle, along with calming tea and access to mood-setting playlists both on Apple Music and Spotify! Restart your day or wind down perfectly with these luxurious, relaxing products.

Julep is another brand on the list, and this Seattle-based cosmetics and skincare company has a lot to offer! Boasting their Rosehip Seed and Love Your Bare Face facial cleansing oils and Slowpoke microneedling facial roller, Julep has everything you need to leave your face feeling supple, cleansed and refreshed. Topped with their pimple patches, Julep has everything you need for clear, vibrant skin!

The popular vegan, New York brand Milk Makeup is also a part of this holiday giveaway! Offering their Overnight Skin Set, this bundle includes the Melatonin Overnight Serum and Lip Mask to help rejuvenate and replenish skin as you sleep, utilizing topical melatonin and Persian silk tree extract. Milk Makeup is also throwing in their Party Pack, which includes three full-size hydrating KUSH Lip Balms.

Nuria Beauty is another major vegan skincare brand, giving away their Winter Wisdom Gift set. This bundle gives you the entire Nuria experience to pamper and nourish skin, with their Gentle Exfoliator, Moisture Replenishing Serum, Triple Action Eye Cream and Revitalizing Night Jelly Treatment. Their lightweight products fortify and rejuvenate skin overnight, as these products are easy to incorporate into your night-time skincare routine!

Skincare and makeup brand Wander Beauty is also part of the giveaway, offering a variety of their goods this holiday season! From eye masks to their Wandress Escape Eyeshadow Palette and Eye-tinerary Mascara Duo, they’ve got it all. Their Layover Hydrating Ampoule and Dive-In Moisturizer nourish and brighten skin from the inside, leaving your skin fresh and ready for the Double Date Lip and Cheek lip tint and blush combo. They also offer hair-care and body wash products, such as the All-Inclusive Shampoo and Body Wash and Scenic Route Hair Treatment!

If the makeup and skincare products aren’t really your thing, JVL Jewelry is giving away a $75 gift card! Perfect for the holidays, you’re sure to find something whether it be for a significant other or as a treat to yourself. They offer titanium and tungsten rings, as well as custom engraving! MadeGood Food is also taking part in this, offering a variety of different snacks during this time.

Of course, we have to show a little love to our hair, too! TGIN is giving away their Curls N’ Roses line, perfect for hydrating your hair to give it the nourishment it needs during these colder months. With products like their Rose Water leave-in conditioner and hydrating hair mask, your curls are sure to feel healthy, smooth and soft. Their products work to deeply penetrate into the hair, blending healthy vitamins and fats to revitalize brittle and damaged locks.

Poopourri’s joining in on the holiday fun as well, with a variety of cleansing products to keep your bathroom fresh. With a blend of essential oils, their scents will eliminate bathroom odors with smells like mandarin, bergamot and amber!

Fashion is also a part of this festive holiday giveaway, as we’re partnering with brands like Lululemon and Naadam! Lululemon Chicago is giving away their Pom Perfection Beanie and Back to Life Sports Bottle, perfect for keeping warm on your workout days during the chillier season! Nadaam prides itself on its premium, sustainable cashmere, and they’re participating by giving away their signature cashmere socks and gloves!

With the wide variety of brands and gifts, there is certainly something for everyone!

Happy Holidays and Stay Beautiful as always,

The Stay Beautiful Team