3 ways to make your bathroom feel like a Spa 🧖‍♀️

A few tips and tricks to take the spa home with you, for a little quarantine TLC!

Add a few drops of all natural essential oil to the floor of your shower while you let the water warm up. It’ll add a lovely scent of your choice to the steam and make your bathroom smell sweet and fresh.

Buy yourself flowers! A pop of color in the home makes things so much more expressive. Add a few stems of your favorite brightly colored bud in a vase and set on your bathroom sink. It’ll be a lovely and cheery way to perk up your day!

Never underestimate a good candle. Pick your favorite scent and light it whenever you need a pick me up. Not a fan of heavy scents or candles with open flame? Buy battery operated pillar candles instead! The look and feel of a wax candle, with no open flame. Some even come scented!

So the next time you are looking for a rather easy self care activity spruce up your shower routine!

Stay Beautiful Always,


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