6 Best Nails On Film 🎥

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Need a movie to watch while doing your nails?

We listed some of our favorite nails in Hollywood!

Sandy’s iconic ‘bad girl’ red manicure from Grease

Who doesn’t love a total makeover? Of course, the iconic Sandy goes from pretty in pink to total drama chic in her all-black outfit. All black that is, except for her red nails.

Holly’s all-natural look in Breakfast at Tiffanys

Holly is a lady who likes the finer things in life and she’s not afraid to show it. But even she knows that sometimes you can be simple and still be stylish. A simple clear coat is all this city gal need’s as she assesses her new neighbor.

Warden Walker’s purple poisonous claws in Holes

Watch out! Everyone knows not to get between this lady and her beauty products. Laced with venom, she leaves a permanent mark on Mr. Sir. Nothing could be a more symbolic show of independence than Warden Walker and her literally dangerous nails.

Morticia’s red claws in The Addams Family

Another red manicure! What can we say, it’s a classic look. Even though Morticia and Sandy are both in red and black, Morticia just makes the look so much more elegant. Morticia’s nails add an inch-long bright red pop to a stellar goth look.

Fern or “Vylette’s” pink nails in Jawbreaker

Fern goes from brunette to blonde in the makeover of the century in the killer classic flick “Jawbreaker”. More stunning however are her nails, perfect and baby pink. The picture of innocence!