How to Practice Self Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of expectations around what the day should look like.

The only expectation we have around here is

Self Love & Self Care

Social Media, Netflix, Uber eats and every other retail sure does make it hard to miss this holiday on the calendar however, we want to celebrate a little differently this year.

So our team at Stay Beautiful has put together a lineup of Valentine's Day Plans for us to celebrate the love and relationships we have with ourselves.

Because let's be honest the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important right?

Self-Love Valentine's Day Line Up

Retail Therapy

Wether your vibe is Dollar Tree or Dior, we are here for an online or in-store shopping spree! What time better than now to snag all of those sappy Valentine's Day specials.

Table for One Please

Who says eating out or dinning in cant be enjoyed alone? We love this idea because you get total say so on what food you are in the mood for and can order without taking anyone else's orders. The best part is you don't have to share any bites or the leftovers.

Pro-tip: Order desert for an ultimate experience

Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are far and few between these days! Even with stay at home orders, most people are opting for a quick shower before the next zoom call.

Bake yourself something sweet

You know that feeling you get when you just made something really tasty? Yes, we want those happy hormones and some dancing just like this guy in our gif.

Write yourself a love note

Explore a thousand ( ok that seems like a lot of writing) reasons why you love yourself and make it special by mailing it to yourself in a cute card. It will be a nice surprise and reminder of your self love practices.

Explore Aromatherapy

You know that candle you bought and have not lit? Well now is the time to light it and turn on your favorite playlist for you to relax or jam out to.

If you are really creative, you can even make your own candles at home with a candle kit from Amazon.

Welp that is our Valentine's Day Line up and we are counting down the days until our special day with our selves.

Let us know what your plans are by tagging us on social media @staybeautifulfoundation

Stay Beautiful Always,

The Stay Beautiful Team💕

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