Messy Girls Guide to Spring Cleaning

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up and its time to break out those floral tops we’ve been missing all winter long! Except… You cant find any tops at all, because your apartment?

A bit of a mess.

Never fear, spring is the perfect time to give your room a little extra TLC!

The first step? Make your bed. It’s the biggest focal point in your room, and having it clean will give you a great start towards cleaning the rest of the room.

Then, start by tackling any desks, side tables or cluttered knick knack shelves. Getting rid of trash and straightening up the items on these open spaces will give you a better sense of where everything's perfect place is.

Next, tidy up your floor. Pick up any blankets, dirty clothes or stray bobby pins you find so you can have a clear path around your room!

Now things are starting to come together and look a little neater aren't they?

The final step is to tackle any laundry you have. Take the opportunity to throw a load or two in the wash before you start cleaning, that way your clothes can come out of the dryer around the same time you’re done cleaning your floor.

When doing laundry, making piles is your friend! Sorting all your clothes into distinct categories (t shirts, blouses, pajamas) can help you determine what goes where in your closet. Then, things can be hung up and folded accordingly and placed away neatly.


In just 4 easy steps, you’ve freshened up your room!

Maybe it’s not spotless, but either way you did great!

Stay Beautiful Always,