Safe and festive holiday date ideas for 2020

Although the holidays are looking a little different this year, that doesn’t mean they have to be dull! This year’s unusual events have limited our physical social interactions, allowing digital platforms like Zoom to gain an exceptional importance in allowing people to connect with each other.

The holiday season has always represented a time to reflect on the good things, celebrate annual traditions and spend time with those closest to us.

That being said, lockdowns and quarantines have left people separated from their partners, forcing many couples to compromise into long-distance relationships. While it’s true you and your partner may not be able to spend this season cozied up together on the couch, there are still plenty of fun, festive holiday date ideas you can do to enjoy this time while being socially-distant!

The pandemic has forced us to be more tech-savvy, as our worlds became more and more digitized with resources like Zoom or Google Meets. Virtual dinner dates have gained a huge popularity these past few months, as they’ve helped us feel closer to each other even when miles apart. It’s not exactly the same, but try a bake-day on Zoom or prepare your favorite meals and eat together! Just seeing and hearing each other can help bridge the gaps that this pandemic has split between us — and small, simple things like sharing a meal allow us to still feel connected with one another.

Have a favorite movie? Apps like Kast and Rabbit allow watch parties to everyone from large groups to just 2 people to enjoy films together! If you’re tired of the Zoomscape, these are great, less-formal alternatives to make it feel as if you’re having a movie night with your partner.

The COVID-19 pandemic has really transformed our traditional social practices in 2020. Many of us have canceled travel plans and missed out on deep engagements with friends and family.

Take special advantage of this holiday season and send a personal card or care package to your partner! With the restrictions placed on interacting with each other, unique gifts like these become all the more sentimental. Pinterest has tons of inspiration to help you craft a personalized holiday card, and care packages can include any gifts you know your significant other would enjoy!

This year has changed our perspective on interacting with one another and has shown us the importance of resources like FaceTime or the mail services. While seeing your partner in person is different than seeing them on a screen, these few ideas can still help bring you two closer while staying safe and socially distant!

Stay Beautiful Always,

The Stay Beautiful Team

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