Self-Care That Won’t Break the Bank

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive — in fact, you can feel just as luxurious as you would at a spa at home with nearly little to no cost at all! With having spent all of these months in our homes in the midst of our ever-changing socio-political climate, it is important to step back and learn how to care for ourselves in the best ways possible.

We have to remind ourselves that it’s okay to take a breather, relax and claim some “me-time” every now and then!

Finding ways to prioritize our emotional, physical and mental health is extremely important on a day-to-day basis, but essential in times of great tension and stress like these. Below are some free ways to practice self-care at home to give both your mind and body the love they need!

We always write to-do lists, but what about an it’s-done list? When constantly listing out what needs to be done that has yet to be completed, we may often overwhelm ourselves, and forget how hard we have worked. It’s important to acknowledge our productivity and reward ourselves for it, instead of just focusing on what we haven’t done. Look at the glass as being half full, not half empty!

Here’s something we always think about when it comes to self care: taking a long, relaxing bath! Dim the lights, put on your favorite show or movie, and light a candle or two with your favorite fragrance. Even if you don’t have those fancy bath bombs or jellies, a few drops of essential oils can work wonderfully — creating a luxurious, at-home spa feel. Rose, lavender, peppermint and bergamot are among the few most popular essential oils used for relaxation, but any of your preferences work just as well!

We are our own worst critics, and usually the voice inside of our heads telling us we can’t do something is our biggest set-back. Push yourself and get out of those boundaries by trying a new hairstyle or makeup look you wouldn’t normally do! This can be as bold as you like, whatever you’re most comfortable doing, just try something new. Typically do neutrals for your eyeshadow? Switch it up and add a pop of color, just put on a YouTube tutorial and try for yourself! Wear your hair normally just down? Maybe find some inspiration on TikTok or Pinterest! Getting glam, whether it be to go out or just take some selfies, can do numbers for your self-esteem and confidence.

Compose a list of at least five things you love about yourself, every so often. Force yourself to think about things that are positive and come to mind when you consider your traits and who you are as a person! Keep this in a note, a diary or even somewhere on your phone so you can look back on it when you’re feeling down. An alternative is to look in the mirror and just name a few things you like about yourself, once a day. It all starts in the mind, and sometimes with self-care and self-love you have to fake it until you make it.

Treat yourself to your favorite tea or coffee beverage, but enjoy the process of making it yourself. Allow this to be a time of self-learning as you become your own Starbucks barista. Make it as fancy as those aesthetic drinks on Pinterest or as simple as you’d like! Create a drink that leaves you feeling satisfied and ready for your day, oftentimes by doing this we regain a sense of control and peace with ourselves in knowing we can determine the outcomes of certain things.

Color or doodle — even adults can have fun and be artsy, and you don’t need to be DaVinci to enjoy creating art! On any scrap piece of paper, take a pen or pencil and just let the writing utensil wander with your mind. Don’t think too much about what you want to come out of this drawing, just let it be free and flowy. Not too much of a drawer? Abstract paintings are a wonderful way to use colors and random brush strokes to create engaging works of art. The best part about doodles and abstract work is there is absolutely no right or wrong way to make it! At the very least, some adult coloring books can be soothing to the mind as well, and they’re widely available.

Lastly, you can simply do nothing. Putting your phone on do not disturb and just breathing, soaking in the moment is a calming way of putting your life on pause. Sometimes easier said than done, “stillness in itself is a virtue,” an article by PureWow reads, and this holds truth!

Stay Beautiful Contributor: Rachel Patel

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