Top 10 Nail Care Tips

After the harsh winter months, you and your nails might be needing a pick me up.

What better way to start your self-care routine than with an at-home manicure?

Below you’ll find some of the best tips to keep your nails prepped and healthy, so you not only look great but feel great too!

1. Don’t bite your nails

This tip makes the top of the list because it’s true! Never bite your nails or your cuticles. Not only does it make them ragged and weak, but it also increases your risk of a nail infection!

2. Moisturize

Your nails and your hair are made from similar proteins so keeping both

Moisturized to prevent breakage is important. Use cuticle oil or the hand cream of your choice to keep your nails hydrated and strong.

3. Take a break from nail polish

While having a flawless coat of polish every week may look stylish, it’s important to let your nails breathe. Give your nails a 5-7 day break from nail polish at least once every month.

4. File your nail in one direction

Filing in one direction instead of a back and forth motion lessens the likelihood of breakage in your nails. This method can also prevent hangnails.

5. Apply a base coat for protection

Base coats are crucial for a smooth and vibrant application of colorful nail polish. In addition to helping strengthen your nail, they increase the longevity of your manicures too!

6. Don’t apply polish over oily nails

While keeping your nails hydrated is important, painting over an extra layer of lotion or cuticle oil only shortens the amount of time you can get out of your manicure. After you’re moisturized, gently wipe down your nail beds with a cotton pad and start with a base coat.

7. Don’t peel your polish

Peeling off your nail polish, especially gel manicures can take super-thin layers of the nail with it. The damage caused may not look bad now, but it lasts for months and only makes your nails more brittle!

8. Stop shaking your nail polish bottles

When your nail polish settles and separates, it may be tempting to shake things up and mix them that way. However, this tactic creates air bubbles in the formula that have a chance of showing up on your nails when you paint them, effectively putting a dent in your manicure. Instead, take the nail polish bottle and roll t between your palms until thoroughly warmed and mixed up.

9. Apply a topcoat

Applying a top coat to your nail polish can make it last longer and avoid chipping.

10. Avoid harsh nail polish choices

Keep the use of polishes containing paraben and sulfate to a minimum, as those chemicals can be pretty harsh on nails and cuticles.

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