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We are beautiful down to the core

Our Core Values

Community Care 

Community Care is our love language.

We are a foundation that is built on the work of community care. While our mission is dedicated to uplift women who are diagnosed with cancer our community consists of advocates, donors, caregivers, volunteers and our sponsors. Unfortunately, we have all been touched by cancer in some way and we use this common shared experience to build a community that creates a safe space for everyone who has affected by cancer in some way. 


We are crystal clear when it comes to our mission.

We understand there are so many things that are  unclear during your cancer journey, like medical jargon and insurance claims just to name a few. Stay Beautiful makes it our business to ensure that we are an organization that is transparent  in everything we do. Transparency is a key pillar within our foundation. Stay Beautiful's prides itself on being transparent in our mission, our partners and the ingredients in the products we provide to the women in our community through our beauty box programming. 


We are intentional with our beauty community and beyond.

We place our beauties at the center of everything we do at The Stay Beautiful Foundation. We  understand that our community has or is currently undergoing some of the toughest moments in their lives. We strive to be mindful in our language, content and beauty box offerings to ensure we are being the best support system possible on their journey with cancer.

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Our community is made up of all things beautiful

Our Community Guidelines

Stay Beautiful is on a mission is to conquer cancer with beauty.
That being said, we want to make sure our community stays beautiful to reflect the work we are doing– so we have community guidelines to outline  what we do and don’t allow in our community.

If you find content that shouldn’t be in our community, please report it to us immediately.
We use your feedback to learn and evolve our standards.


 R.E.S.P.E.C.T., find out what it means to S.B. 

Disrespectful behavior may include hijacking or taking a thread drastically off-topic, hate speech, rudeness, shaming, personal attacks, bullying, threats or inflammatory posts, impersonating others or creating multiple accounts will not be tolerated. 


Our community is a safe space

What is shared in the community, is kept in the community. Respect the privacy and personal stories shared of other members in our community.

We agree to disagree 

Cancer is a BIG word to unpack. Everyone is entitled to express and share their own experiences and opinions. If you find yourself in a conversation where you disagree with someone, respectfully share your experience and remember to respect theirs  as well.

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